"I just want to invite people, wherever you're coming from, whether you're in the market for an EV,

whether you're a two-car family and both of them are petrol and you're realising that,


 hey, one of these can be electric, or you're even a sceptic," said BJ Birtwell, CEO and founder of Electrify.

Come learn about EVs here; it's the best and most enjoyable place to do so in North America."

During the event, there will be practical opportunities to get behind the wheel and test drive an electric vehicle outside.

And more vehicles than simply electric ones will be available for test drives. 

Additionally, electric bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and boats will be available. Families have a child.

"They pull out all the stops," remarked Birtwell. "We want to expand the number of auto manufacturers."