Tesla has long sought to hasten the uptake of green vehicles.

Elon Musk and his friends have been carrying out this plan by making ever-cheaper cars since the beginning.


It all began with the Roadster, which was sold for approximately $100,000 USD (or $161,000) roughly 15 years ago.

The Model S, which debuted for less than $60,000 USD (about $96,500) four years later, was released.

However, after working on two additional SUVs, a sedan, a semi, and a contentious ute, Tesla may be prepared to introduce its most affordable vehicle yet.

Additionally, according to Tesla reps, the car is 25% less expensive than its current lowest price point: Model 3

The new car would therefore only cost about $24,000 USD (or about $38,600).

That amount, when converted, would place the new Tesla as the nation's least expensive EV.