Rivian revealed this week that it would use Tesla's charging port for all of its electric vehicles starting in 2025.

By making the announcement, Rivian joins GM and Ford in collaborating with Tesla to include Tesla charging connectors into their respective businesses.


starting in 2025, greatly boosting access to charging for owners of Ford, GM, and Rivian EVs.

In late 2022, Tesla opened up their charging system, which company refers to as the North American Charging Standard.

We encourage vehicle makers and charging network operators to install the Tesla charging connector and charge port.

on their equipment and vehicles, formerly known as the North American Charging Standard (NACS), Tesla stated in a news statement.

The announcements from Ford and GM mark a significant change in the industry's adoption of the North American Charging Standard.

The NACS charging system will be available on all Ford, GM and Rivian electric vehicles beginning with the 2025 model year