The vehicle 3, a four-door sedan with rear-wheel drive, is the most affordable vehicle in Tesla's lineup and is already well-liked.

According to Motor Intelligence data, which was cited by CNBC, it is presently ranked 13th in 2022 vehicle sales with 211,641 units.


The base price of the Model 3 is $39,990 after a $2,000 discount.

According to Edmunds rankings, the Hyundai Kona Electric and the Kia Nero EV.

it among EVs a relative "bargain" This is accurate despite the fact that it is still more costly than many hybrid plug-ins and EV models for 2023.

However, the Model 3 is now less expensive than the typical new car pricing,

making it a more cost-effective choice for people wishing to transition to an electric vehicle.

When the Model 3's pricing was $42,990 in February, Bloomberg noted that it was selling for $4,930 less than the typical new American car.